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It is my intention this year to begin to apply to all the nations of the world for dual citizenship in order to become the first global citizen.




I am a one of a kind of human being. I have lived an above average life with regards to graduating with 3 degrees, political science, accounting and law. I started 5 businesses insurance, accounting, law, tax and web design with no financing and no mentoring. The money came in fast enough to not require an input of capital. I was married and fathered 4 children. Lived in nice houses. Served as an infantry sergeant in the US Army 70-72. Over time I had 4 other significant relationships.

I created businesses so that my wife and kids could have anything they wanted if they worked in those businesses. I saw myself as creating those income flows and managing them and teaching the wife and kids how to keep them producing money. My first wife on January 1, 1986, said she wanted a divorce. She gave no reason and after 9 months of marital counseling said she did not love me no matter what I did or how I changed. That was November 1986. The Accounting, Tax and Law businesses would have generated over a million dollars in 1986. All my schooling was over. All the businesses were established. All the upfront work of success had been done.

She took the accounting business, I took the law business (because she did not have a law degree) I took the tax business. I gave her everything and moved out with my clothes, truck and motorcycle. I gave her the house after she promised not to further traumatize the kids by moving. She agreed and let the house go into foreclosure. I knew she did not want the kids and they would come to me within a year, two at the max. They came back to me in 1988.

I closed my businesses in the sense that I did not take any new business and just worked down my backlog of work. I promised the kids I would be home when they went to school and at home when they came home. I honored that commitment. I found another wife who had been married 19 years like me and had two sons the ages of my children. She was a better mother than my kid’s biological mother. No one did not like Kay.

From 1988 to 1992, Kay and I helped each other clean up all kinds of significant family stuff. We had to move from Houston to Denver in 1993 to put a 1000 miles between us and the first wife. In 1996, the last son graduated from high school and like his two brothers went into the Marine Corp.
In 2003, I started a web design business. I brought my youngest son into the business to head up the production of websites. He lived in the Philippines. By December 2006, we were billing $75,000 a month and growing at the rate of 35% per month. I projected gross sales of $5 million in 2007.
My son tried to blackmail me for $25,000 which the business did not have and he shut down the production thinking I would give him the money. We had 45 employees and I had 450 websites in production. I shut the business down. The chaos from clients and employees and others was so intense that Kay, afer 19 years with me had to leave or die. She had a heart condition. She left March 31, 2007 and I was the Lone Ranger. I have survived because I had taught myself how to survive.

There were more things, significantly negative things, but I survived. I had 2 other relationships between 2007 and 2015 that did not last.

I ran for Governor of Texas 2002, and created so much hell in the Texas Democratic party they put the State Bar on me after the election and I lost my license and became at the very end of 2007 a political prisoner. I spent all of 2008 in jail. I have written a 586 page book about the prison experience. I was in solitary the last 5 months. Over the year, I read about 50 novels and wrote about 3000 pages of 250 words a page. I was not going to come out of jail with nothing to show for it. After jail, I moved in with my mother who had Alzheimer's and colon cancer and I stayed with her until May 2011, when she was uncontrollable and was upsetting my employees. She was 84 at the time. I and my girlfriend moved to New Mexico.

I told my sister who lived about 10 blocks from my mother, that I did 30 months with mother without her help and it was time she put in 30 months without my help and I left. My sister did very little and my mother died a horrible death of colon cancer made worse by her advanced Alzheimers. She died basically alone in April 2013.

My dad died about 3 months later. May parents divorced in the 1990's and my father found a compaion/nurse who kept him alive 10 years beyond when he should have died. My parents were both 86. They had a good life generally speaking.

Turning back the timeline to 1970, I started college immediately after High School and worked full time and went to school full time until I graduated with a Political Science degree in August 1970. I married wife one at the end of May 1969. I was drafted into the Army and was at Ft Polk Louisiana 6 weeks after graduating from the University of Houson.

I was trained for 11 months to go to Vietnam as an infantry sergeant. When I got to Fort Polk, they were sending 2,000 guys a week to go to Vietnam. After my being trained specifically to go to Vietnam and kill Viet Cong, by the grace of God, I was sent to the NATO forces in Vicenza, Italy. SETAF. Nixon was cutting back the troops and I so got out of the Army after nineteen months instead of 24. The Army as it turned out was the best job I ever had; even considering that I only had high-end self-employment jobs from 1972 to date.

I am writing an auto-biography that will be about 1200 pages when finished this year, hopefully.
From outward appearances I was normal. But internally, I was as different from everyone around me my whole life as a rabbit is different from an elephant. I blended in and did my own thing. I always knew I had a global agenda. When I was 8, the Sunday school teacher told me I was going to die. (My mother insisted the family go to church and Sunday school 50 out of 52 weeks a year. I stopped when I started college and was working full time. There was just no time. I said to myself WTF. Why did I come to a place where I was going to die. I put all my toys, that I loved, away and began a journey that I never abandoned. The journey was seeking the answer to that question. In the 1970s, I began to understand and accept death but never really left that pursuit of why death.

Later, I changed my focus to why is there is not a great level of peace in the world human society. In 1987, after the divorce, I was a bit lost. Everything I had wanted to accomplish, I had accomplished. I was a high achiever. The divorce had in essence, terminated the future I had planned.

I knew a few things. One, I had accomplished everything I had ever set my mind and body to. When I was about 11, I said I wanted to go into the Army, like my dad and uncles, be a sergeant like my dad and go to Europe like my youngest uncle. As I said above, I went into the Army in 1970 when 2000 guys a week were going to Vietnam. But I was in the Army, I was a sergeant and I went to Italy. You could say that is sort of how my life has been; lots and lots of miraculous things.

I decided in 1987 that I needed a future with a goal/goals that I could not achieve. I came up with the idea of working for peace. I was about to turn 40 in April 1988, and I decided my new life needed a new name. I made the commitment on April 1, 1988; April Fool's Day and Good Friday. I legally made the change on April 5th. Only this girl I was hanging out with knew what I was going to do. Everyone else was in total shock and the ones still living now have not figured it out. My dad gave me some static about changing my name, but I told him he had 3 grandsons to carry on his name and to let it go. I was raised in a Donald Trump home of super conservative good Americans. When Donald Trump came along, I clearly saw the ghost of Adoph Hitler.

I read about two subject during most of my 20s. The Civil War and Adolph Hitler. It bothered my dad I read so much about Hitler and one day he asked me why. I said because I could not figure out how one crazy lunatic could take over a nation of sane people and create a world war. I was never a Neo-Nazi or KKK kind of guy. In fact, I was mostly a loner. People and their trivial pursuits just bored me. So I just did my self designated work and keep seeking answers to why there was not more peace in the world human society.

Like many like me, my second grade teacher thought I was retarded. She could not figure out that I was mind-numbing bored going to school. My mother stopped the teacher from holding me back. I went to summer school every summer. OK with me. Better than having nothing to do at home. Through high school and 10 years of college I went to summer school every year.

I was always reading the Bible but not talking about it. In the Army, I was reading metaphysical stuff and later started reading about religion and spirituality. My dad’s aunts were Jehovah Witnesses and I would listen to their stories when I went to my Grandfathers after the 6 weeks of summer school. All the stories had a uplifting Jesus ending.

I was in a special art class in 7th and 8th grade. I was good but I did not want to paint couch art. I wanted to paint out of my head. I did not know what that meant. I just did not want to paint couch art. I still paint and my art has advanced significantly. No one paints like I do. I have made no efforts to sell my art.

The night before I went into the Army, I wrote my first poem . I found Whitman, Dickinson, Frost, etc interesting and thought I could do that work. As of today, I have written over 6000 poems. I just wrote the poems, put them in a folder and went on with my life. I still do that. I never tried to get published. But when I began to self-publish in June 2018, I looked into poetry prizes and decided to submit my poems for the 2020 Pulitzer Prize. They never read my poems. 4000 poems and they never read them. Straight to the trash. That is another long story. But I understand what happened now. Just another John WorldPeace vs the Democratic Party of Texas in 2002 and a lot of other little battles all my life.

I was not a hippy. I did not do drugs, pot or booze. I was too busy and I had too much to do in this life to deal with a fuzzy mind.


I am now 73 and was beginning to feel like I was not ready to take on the whole world human society and increasing the peace, until now. I need all my book knowledge, university schooling and life experiences to be prepared for the work I need to do. But the time is now so let the games begin.

In a nutshell, there are 4 major issues with human beings; Race, Religion, Politics and Gender, mostly the subordination of women worldwide.

There are 5 major entities in the world human society charged with maintaining and increasing the peace; Government, Corporate Religions, Courts of Law, Universities and Global Corporations.

So this is where my efforts are going. I have no competition in this work. I have no peers in this work.

There are a lot of peace advocates but mostly they are focused on one area of peace. I am working on the foundations of peace that apply to all the other peace issues.

The only workable peace must answer the question: How can we increase the level of peace in the world human society if we don’t include everyone (all religions, all races, all nations, all genders) in our vision of peace? The truth is that a Male peace is not going to increase the peace. A White peace is not going to increase the peace. A Christian Peace will not increase the peace. An American Peace will not increase the peace. WorldPeace is all inclusive and democratic.

Why do people say they want peace but in truth hate peace? The reason is simple. Change. People hate peace and moreso hate those like me who advocate it. Why? Because increasing the peace means change and humans hate change more than peace. The foundation of increasing the peace is change, and change is an intolerable consideration.

We already have a level of peace. The job now is to increase it. I do not believe in a perfect peace. That is Jesus' work. For me, perfect peace is what happens when all human beings are turned to stone and there is no more interaction. I am not Jesus. I am about increasing the level of peace which no one is going to say cannot happen. Perfect peace I will leave to Jesus.

To be a global advocate for peace at the top of the peace pyramid, you have to have experiences and university level knowledge in politics, religion, courts of law, universities, and business. If you dont have knowledge and experinence in all these areas, you fall short as a global peace advocate.

I am the only Global Advocate for peace because I am the only one qualified to work in all these areas. There are plenty of people doing good productive work in a selected areas of peace. But none can work in all these areas. If anyone shows up and wants to challenge me, I am always available for a debate.

I have a lack of assets. I have no house, real estate, cars, boats, etc. No stocks, no investments, no savings. And I have no desire to accumulate any of those. I have been without a companion for 6 years after 45 years of 5 significant relationships.

90-95% of all money I take in will be spent at this time to advertize and market increasing the peace and money to hire contract clerics to process the paper work. I will not set up a foundation or

non-profit. There is no reason to do that. All the money that comes in goes out. What I collect this month will be completely spent next month. I absolutely will not take money collected in this endeavor and use it to increase my personal assets. Books, Art, lecture income is my income but most of that will also go to marketing peace.

I have nothing to join. No members. Just one man with one message; WorldPeace. I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist. Just look at my page on the Pulitzer Prize linked from my poetry site.


Before the Dubya Bush war in Iraq, there were massive peace demonstations in Paris. They had zero effect. Why? Simple. Bush had the unlimited assets and US bureaucracy working with him. Who did the peaceniks have? No one. So you see Bush had not one to talk to from the peaceniks. Without a person who can speak with support of a majority of the peaceniks, nothing is going to happen. At the presidential level, you have to have one person to talk to. Only one who speaks with the backing of thousands of peace groups who represent tens of thousands of peaceniks.

THE PROCESS: So when a peace issue comes up, I would put out a call for organizations that are in line with my position. Then I get their endorsement. If I get 55% support that will be enough. I will not ever get 100%. But right now there is no person that can gather even 1% support to go head to head with any leader anywhere in the world.


There is never going to be an increased level of peace in the world until all the peace organizations realize that to compete with the lies that are spewed by the world's most powerful politicians and religious bureaucrats there must be one individual with one voice confronting the lies and deception; advocating peace and justice and human rights globally.  As long as the many peace groups act independently, or in a loose coalition, they will remain impotent: banging the drum of peace within a global community of the hearing impaired.  The voice must be an independent voice for peace.  Kofi Annan and the Pope are just global bureaucrats speaking politely and moving slowly in a world where pain and suffering from conflict, hunger and sickness is killing thousands every single minute world wide.  There must be a global leader who can and will shout instead of whisper; someone who will stand up and speak up with certainty and with the endorsement of many peaceniks.  

The nature of all organizations, including peace organizations, is exclusiveness.  Peace organizations will not embrace their peers because their leaders fear a loss of power.  Each peace group considers itself "THE PEACE GROUP".  Consequently, you end up with a lot of noise but not much action.  You cannot belong to both the Zionist and the Arab Anti-Defamation Leagues.  

I am the only person in the world who changed his name as a show of commitment to peace and WorldPeace.  I have no organization, no followers, no disciples and no charter, doctrine or dogma.  I have one simple message contained in one simple word: WorldPeace.  I do not belong to or endorse any organization.  I am a supporter of all peace movements but I am not a card carrying member of any.  Only a peace activist who is unaffiliated with any particular peace movement can truly be all inclusive of all human beings.  Membership in any group defines one as an exclusionist.  Membership in a group requires that one skew truth to conform to the official group doctrine. It is the inherent flaw in every group.

I am the world's first world citizen.  I am a world citizen because I proclaim myself to be a world citizen.  I was born a white male and I cannot change this physical reality.  I was born an American and it would make no difference for me to reject my citizenship because I would be forced to become the citizen of some other nation.  I was raised a Christian but I embrace all the major world religions as being equally good and equally bad in their missions throughout the world.

The world is full of evil and corrupt men and women of every stripe. This will not change in the foreseeable future.  Therefore, I reject pacifism.  I am an advocate of peace but I am not a pacifist.  If you intend to harm other human beings, I will use whatever legal force is necessary to stop you.  Turning the other cheek is a nice ideal but it is not realistic in contemporary society.  The advocacy of peace must be aggressive. The concept of peace embraces law and order and rejects chaos and anarchy.  Murderers and those who sponsor them must be neutralized under the law.  (WorldPeace through World Law) The bad acts of some human beings must not be used as an excuse to collectively punish other members of that person's race, religion, nation or gender. 

Based on the above; based on the fact that I am the only person who embraces all human beings  and all peace initiatives yet affiliates with none; based on the fact that I am the only peace activist who has been willing to change his name for the cause of peace; based on the fact that no other person has a commitment to end the worldwide atrocities of religion, racism, nationalism and sexism as opposed to concern about limited violations of morality and the law; based on the fact that I advocate peace and WorldPeace as opposed to exclusively endorsing any specific peace initiative;  I ask for the support of all peace activists and peace organizations worldwide to support me in my pursuit of increasing the peace on the planet.

The one challenge I have for everyone who is truly interested in peace, is to write WorldPeace as one word.  As long as it is written as two words it will remain two separate things.  Psychologically and metaphorically, the refusal to write WorldPeace as one word is an indication of an exclusionary mindset that is an impediment to peace.  It is an indication of a determination to maintain the divisions in the world society that has always manifested disharmony, chaos, pain and suffering throughout human history.  It is the obtuse attitude of the blind and deaf.

John WorldPeace 


I am not going to create an organization. I am not going to create a database for the government to take. I have an email mailing list that is secure. And the people who collect money to finance this project have a list but they are not going to hand that list over without a lawsuit. They will take in the money and send it to me. I am not going to have anything for the feds to take and then harass people who demand an increase of peace in the world.
The government can get all the info they want from the tech companies. They dont need to bother me. But I have taken a position that will not allow them to raid or hack my computer for lists.

Dr John WorldPeace JD